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Frank, Caroline, Visiting Lecturer in American Studies
Frank, Caroline, Visiting Lecturer in American Studies

Objectifying China, Imagining America: Chinese Commodities in Early America
Author: Caroline Frank, Visiting Lecturer in Dept. of History & American Studies
Publisher: University of Chicago Press; Pub. Date: January 2012; Paperback
Subject: Academic; American History

"Frank not only recovers the widespread presence of Chinese commodities in early America and the impact of East Indies trade on the nature of American commerce, but also explores the role of the this trade in American state formation. She argues that to understand how Chinese commodities fueled the opening acts of the Revolution, we must consider the power dynamics of the American quest for china--and China--during the colonial period. Filled with fresh and surprising insights, this ambitious study adds new dimensions to the ongoing story of America’s relationship with China."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-022626028-0

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