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Achebe, Chinua, Professor of Africana Studies
Title: There was a Country: A Memoir

Author: Chinua Achebe, Professor of Africana Studies
Publisher: Penguin; Pub. Date: September 2013; Subject: Academic; Memoir;

"The defining experience of Chinua Achebe’s life was the Nigerian civil war, also known as the Biafran War, of 1967–1970. The conflict was infamous for its savage impact on the Biafran people, Chinua Achebe’s people, many of whom were starved to death after the Nigerian government blockaded their borders…Achebe masterfully relates his experience, both as he lived it and how he has come to understand it…Marrying history and memoir, poetry and prose, There Was a Country is a distillation of vivid firsthand observation and forty years of research and reflection. Wise, humane, and authoritative, it will stand as definitive and reinforce Achebe’s place as one of the most vital literary and moral voices of our age.”--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-014312403-0

Price: $17.00

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Andrea, Peter, Professor of Political Science
Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America
Author: Peter Andreas, Professor of Political Science
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pub. Date: June 2014; Subject: Academic: American History;

"Providing a sweeping narrative history from colonial times to the present, Smuggler Nation is the first book to retell the story of America--and of its engagement with its neighbors and the rest of the world--as a series of highly contentious battles over clandestine commerce. As Peter Andreas demonstrates in this provocative and fascinating account, smuggling has played a pivotal and too often overlooked role in America's birth, westward expansion, and economic development, while anti-smuggling campaigns have dramatically enhanced the federal government's policing powers. The great irony, Andreas tells us, is that a country that was born and grew up through smuggling is today the world's leading anti-smuggling crusader.”--publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-019974688-0

Price: $19.95

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Baker, Lori - Literary Arts Department
The Glass Ocean
Author: Lori Baker
Publisher: Penguin; Pub. Date: July 2014; Subject: Fiction;

"An adventure of dreamlike momentum and romantic intensity, brought alive by a storyteller with uncanny access to the Victorians, not only to the closely-woven texture of their days but also to the dangerous nocturnal fires being attended to in their hearts."--Thomas Pynchon

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ISBN-13: 978-014312566-2

Price: $16.00

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Benton, Adia '99, Asst. Professor of Anthropology
HIV Exceptionalism: Development Through Disease in Sierra Leone
Author: Adia Benton '99, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press; Pub. Date: February 2015; Subject: African Studies; Anthropology;

"What Adia Benton chronicles in this ethnographically rich and often moving book is how one war-ravaged nation reoriented itself as a country suffering from HIV at the expense of other, more pressing health concerns. During her fieldwork in the capital, Freetown, a city of one million people, at least thirty NGOs administered internationally funded programs that included HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Benton probes why HIV exceptionalism--the idea that HIV is an exceptional disease requiring an exceptional response--continues to guide approaches to the epidemic worldwide and especially in Africa, even in low-prevalence settings.”--publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-081669243-9

Price: $22.50

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Bewes, Timothy, Assoc. Prof. of English
The Event of Postcolonial Shame
Author: Timothy Bewes, Associate Professor of English
Publisher: Princeton University Press; Pub. Date: December 2010; Paperback
Subject: Literary Criticism

"Drawing on thinkers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Frantz Fanon, Theodor Adorno, and Gilles Deleuze, Bewes argues that in literature there is an "event" of shame that brings together these ethical and aesthetic tensions. Reading works by J. M. Coetzee, Joseph Conrad, Nadine Gordimer, V. S. Naipaul, Caryl Phillips, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, and Zo Wicomb, Bewes presents a startling theory: the practices of postcolonial literature depend upon and repeat the same structures of thought and perception that made colonialism possible in the first place. As long as those structures remain in place, literature and critical thinking will remain steeped in shame.

Offering a new mode of postcolonial reading, The Event of Postcolonial Shame demands a literature and a criticism that acknowledge their own ethical deficiency without seeking absolution from it."--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-069114166-4

Price: $35.00

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Blyth, Mark, Professor of Political Science
Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea
Author: Mark Blyth, Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pub. Date: January 2015; Subject: Non-fiction; Economics;

Indie Bound Review:
"Selected as a Financial Times Best Book of 2013

Governments today in both Europe and the United States have succeeded in casting government spending as reckless wastefulness that has made the economy worse. In contrast, they have advanced a policy of draconian budget cuts--austerity--to solve the financial crisis. We are told that we have all lived beyond our means and now need to tighten our belts. This view conveniently forgets where all that debt came from. Not from an orgy of government spending, but as the direct result of bailing out, recapitalizing, and adding liquidity to the broken banking system. Through these actions private debt was rechristened as government debt while those responsible for generating it walked away scot-free, placing the blame on the state, and the burden on the taxpayer.

That burden now takes the form of a global turn to austerity, the policy of reducing domestic wages and prices to restore competitiveness and balance the budget. The problem, according to political economist Mark Blyth, is that austerity is a very dangerous idea. First of all, it doesn't work. As the past four years and countless historical examples from the last 100 years show, while it makes sense for any one state to try and cut its way to growth, it simply cannot work when all states try it simultaneously: all we do is shrink the economy. In the worst case, austerity policies worsened the Great Depression and created the conditions for seizures of power by the forces responsible for the Second World War: the Nazis and the Japanese military establishment. As Blyth amply demonstrates, the arguments for austerity are tenuous and the evidence thin. Rather than expanding growth and opportunity, the repeated revival of this dead economic idea has almost always led to low growth along with increases in wealth and income inequality. Austerity demolishes the conventional wisdom, marshaling an army of facts to demand that we recognize austerity for what it is, and what it costs us.”--publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-019938944-5

Price: $17.95

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Braun, Lundy, Professor of Medical Science &Africana Studies
Breathing Race into the Machine: he Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics
Author: Lundy Braun, Professor of Medical Science and Africana Studies
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press; Pub. Date: February 2014; Subject: Academic;

"In the antebellum South, plantation physicians used a new medical device--the spirometer--to show that lung volume and therefore vital capacity were supposedly less in black slaves than in white citizens. At the end of the Civil War, a large study of racial difference employing the spirometer appeared to confirm the finding, which was then applied to argue that slaves were unfit for freedom. What is astonishing is that this example of racial thinking is anything but a historical relic.

In Breathing Race into the Machine, science studies scholar Lundy Braun traces the little-known history of the spirometer to reveal the social and scientific processes by which medical instruments have worked to naturalize racial and ethnic differences, from Victorian Britain to today. Routinely a factor in clinical diagnoses, preemployment physicals, and disability estimates, spirometers are often 'race corrected,' typically reducing normal values for African Americans by 15 percent.

An unsettling account of the pernicious effects of racial thinking that divides people along genetic lines, Breathing Race into the Machine helps us understand how race enters into science and shapes medical research and practice.”--publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-081668357-4

Price: $24.95

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Brennan, Jason, Asst. Prof. of Philosophy
The Ethics of Voting
Author: Jason Brennan, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Publisher: Princeton University Press; Pub. Date: April 2011; Hardcover
Subject: Political Science

"Nothing is more integral to democracy than voting. Most people believe that every citizen has the civic duty or moral obligation to vote, that any sincere vote is morally acceptable, and that buying, selling, or trading votes is inherently wrong. In this provocative book, Jason Brennan challenges our fundamental assumptions about voting, revealing why it is not a duty for most citizens--in fact, he argues, many people owe it to the rest of us not to vote.

Bad choices at the polls can result in unjust laws, needless wars, and calamitous economic policies. Brennan shows why voters have duties to make informed decisions in the voting booth, to base their decisions on sound evidence for what will create the best possible policies, and to promote the common good rather than their own self-interest. They must vote well--or not vote at all. Brennan explains why voting is not necessarily the best way for citizens to exercise their civic duty, and why some citizens need to stay away from the polls to protect the democratic process from their uninformed, irrational, or immoral votes.

In a democracy, every citizen has the right to vote. This book reveals why sometimes it's best if they don't."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-069114481-8

Price: $29.95

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Cammett, Melani, Assoc. Prof. of Political Science
Globalization and Business Politics in Arab North Africa: A Comparative Perspective
Author: Melani Clarie Cammett, Associate Professor of Political Science
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Pub. Date: July 2010; Paperback
Subject: Political Science; Globalization;

"The main focus of the book is whether globalization and trade liberalization enable business associations to become real representatives of business interests rather than state-controlled or otherwise ineffective organizations in developing countries. The book relies heavily on more than 200 interviews with Moroccan and Tunisian workers and employers to trace changes in business associational life after trade liberalization in the 1980s and 1990s. The core argument is that pre-economic liberalization relations between business and the state condition how business groups organize in the face of large-scale economic change."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-052115626-4

Price: $29.99

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Coover, Robert - Robert Coover Festschrift
The Review of Contemporary Fiction: Spring 2012 Vol. XXXII
Author: John O'Brien, ed.
Publisher: The Review of Contemporary Fiction; Pub. Date: July 2012; Subject: Robert Coover; Literary Criticism;

Festschrift: a volume of writings by different authors presented as a tribute or memorial especially to a scholar.

ISBN-13: 978-156478811-5

Price: $8.00

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Coover, Robert, Visiting Professor Emeritus of Literary Arts
The Brunist Day of Wrath
Author: Robert Coover, Visiting Professor Emeritus of Literary Arts
Publisher: Dzanc Books; Pub. Date: April 2014; Subject: Fiction;

"West Condon, small-town USA, five years later: the Brunists are back, loonies and 'cretina' aplenty in tow, wanting it all--sainthood and salvation, vanity and vacuity, God's fury and a good laugh--for the end is at hand…The Brunist Day of Wrath the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning The Origin of the Brunists, is both a scathing indictment of fundamentalism and a careful examination of a world where religion competes with money, common sense, despair, and reason.”--publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-193860438-6

Price: $30.00

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Delaney, Carol, John Carter Brown Library
Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem: How Religion Drove the Voyages that Led to America
Author: Carol Delaney
Publisher: Free Press; Pub. Date: July 2012; Subject: Academic; European History;

"Five hundred years after he set sail, the dominant understanding of Christopher Columbus holds him responsible for almost everything that went wrong in the New World. Here, finally, is a book that will radically change our interpretation of the man and his mission. Scholar Carol Delaney claims that the true motivation for Columbus’s voyages is very different from what is commonly accepted. She argues that he was inspired to find a western route to the Orient not only to obtain vast sums of gold for the Spanish Crown but primarily to help fund a new crusade to take Jerusalem from the Muslims—a goal that sustained him until the day he died. Rather than an avaricious glory hunter, Delaney reveals Columbus as a man of deep passion, patience, and religious conviction.

Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem is based on extensive archival research, trips to Spain and Italy to visit important sites in Columbus’s life story, and a close reading of writings from his day. It recounts the drama of the four voyages, bringing the trials of ocean navigation vividly to life and showing Columbus for the master navigator that he was. Delaney offers not an apologist’s take, but a clear-eyed, thought-provoking, and timely reappraisal of the man and his legacy. She depicts him as a thoughtful interpreter of the native cultures that he and his men encountered, and unfolds the tragic story of how his initial attempts to establish good relations with the natives turned badly sour, culminating in his being brought back to Spain as a prisoner in chains. Putting Columbus back into the context of his times, rather than viewing him through the prism of present-day perspectives on colonial conquests, Delaney shows him to have been neither a greedy imperialist nor a quixotic adventurer, as he has lately been depicted, but a man driven by an abiding religious passion.”--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-030771651-143910237-4

Price: $16.00

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Elliott, Gregory C., Prof. of Sociology
Family Matters: The Importance of Mattering to Family in Adolescence
Author: Gregory C. Elliott, Professor of Sociology
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; Pub. Date: February 2009; Paperback
Subject: Sociology; Child Care

"Combining empirical evidence with indices to measure mattering, Family Matters: The Importance of Mattering to Family in Adolescence explores the inverse relationship between mattering and dysfunctional behavior in adolescence.

• Defines mattering and distinguishes among the three ways that people can matter to others: awareness, importance, and reliance.
•Utilizes empirical evidence from a quantitative analyses of data from a nationwide survey 2,004 adolescents to support author’s assertions.
•Explores the impact of structural and demographic factors such as family structure in developing of a sense of mattering in adolescents.
•Includes helpful indices, including his Mattering Index and Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Index.
•Suggests how parents, teachers, and other significant people in the lives of adolescents can work to instill a sense of mattering in those under their care."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-140516243-2

Price: $49.95

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Estlund, David M., Prof. of Philosophy
Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework
Author: David M. Estlund, Professor of Philosophy
Publisher: Princeton University Press; Pub. Date: August 2009; Paperback
Subject: Philosophy; Political Philosophy

"Democracy is not naturally plausible. Why turn such important matters over to masses of people who have no expertise? Many theories of democracy answer by appealing to the intrinsic value of democratic procedure, leaving aside whether it makes good decisions. In Democratic Authority, David Estlund offers a groundbreaking alternative based on the idea that democratic authority and legitimacy must depend partly on democracy's tendency to make good decisions.

Estlund's theory--which he calls "epistemic proceduralism"--avoids epistocracy, or the rule of those who know. He argues that while some few people probably do know best, this can be used in political justification only if their expertise is acceptable from all reasonable points of view. If we seek the best epistemic arrangement in this respect, it will be recognizably democratic--with laws and policies actually authorized by the people subject to them."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-069114324-8

Price: $28.95

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Evenson, Brian, Professor of Literary Arts
Author: Brian Evenson, Professor of Literary Arts
Publisher: Coffee House Press; Pub. Date: April 2012; Subject: Fiction;

"Brian Evenson is one of the treasures of American story writing, a true successor both to the generation of Coover, Barthelme, Hawkes and Co., but also to Edgar Allan Poe." —Jonathan Lethem

"A woman falling out of sync with the world; a king's servant hypnotized by his murderous horse; a transplanted ear with a mind of its own—the characters in these stories live as interlopers in a world shaped by mysterious disappearances and unfathomable discrepancies between the real and imagined. Brian Evenson, master of literary horror, presents his most far-ranging collection to date, exploring how humans can persist in an increasingly unreal world. Haunting, gripping, and psychologically fierce, these tales illuminate a dark and unsettling side of humanity.

Praised by Peter Straub for going 'furthest out on the sheerest, least sheltered narrative precipice,' Brian Evenson is the author of ten books of fiction. He has been a finalist for the Edgar Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the World Fantasy Award, and the winner of the International Horror Guild Award, and the American Library Association's award for Best Horror Novel. Fugue State was named one of Time Out New York's Best Books of 2009. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and three O. Henry Prizes, including one for the title story in "Windeye," Evenson lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where he directs Brown University's Literary Arts Department.”--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-030771651-4

Price: $16.00

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Evenson, Brian, Professor of Literary Arts
Author: Brian Evenson, Professor of Literary Arts
Publisher: Tor Books; Pub. Date: April 2013; Subject: Science Fiction;

"Immobility’s bleak landscape and doubting yet relentless protagonist display Brian Evenson, one of our best and bravest novelists, at his most probing and mordant. The book might almost be the product of a collaboration between the younger Samuel Beckett and the mid-career Buster Keaton. No one else in America is writing like this, and no one but he possesses Evenson's ravishing, diamond-like focus.”—Peter Straub, New York Times bestselling author of A Dark Matter

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ISBN-13: 978-076533097-0

Price: $14.99

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Evenson, Brian, Professor of Literary Arts
Fugue State: Stories
Author: Brian Evenson, Professor of Literary Arts
Publisher: Coffee House Press; Pub. Date: July 2009; Subject: Fiction; Horror;

"Brian Evenson is the Donald Barthelme of psychological horror…he has birthed a distinctive, postmodern style for exploring his favorite macabre topics—amputation, post-apocalyptic landscapes, doppelgängers, 'creatures of darkness' and religious bloodshed. Yet the grimmest turns in Evenson's writing have always been connected to a singularly modern obsession with language."—Los Angeles Times

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ISBN-13: 978-156689225-4

Price: $14.95

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Field, Thalia, Assoc. Prof. of Literary Arts
Incarnate: Story Material
Author: Thalia Field, Associate Professor of Literary Arts
Publisher: New Directions; Pub. Date: October 2004; Paperback
Subject: Poetry

"Thalia Field's inventive new book explores the very condition of being incarnate: how, invested with human form, we experience both suffering and ecstasy from childhood to adulthood to death. As with her previous book published by New Directions, Point and Line (2000), Incarnate defies categorization: it "industriously works the sparsely populated and as yet underdeveloped borderlands between poetry, fiction, theater, and contemporary classical music" (Review of Contemporary Fiction). In Incarnate: Story Material, she continues to reach beyond borders, examining how, trapped in our own stories, we act and react in a world of solidity, perceiving something "other" close at hand. With its amazing variety of poetic and prose-like forms, driven by a fierce and playful intelligence, Incarnate: Story Material challenges and moves us."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-081121599-2

Price: $15.95

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Field, Thalia, Assoc. Prof. of Literary Arts
A Prank of Georges
Author: Thalia Field, Associate Professor of Literary Arts & Abigail Lang
Publisher: Essay Press; Pub. Date: April 2010; Paperback
Subject: Poetry

"A convoy, a motley, a mob of machines. Machines? By George! Gertrude Stein cranks the motor, and we're off to the carnival, the roller-coaster ride across genres, languages, typefaces and names. American names especially, where Wilson may come from Witkiewicz and castle from Katzenellengogen. It's dazzling. It's a riot. It self-deconstrcuts, but it won't disappoint you."--Rosemarie Waldrop--Backmatter

ISBN-13: 978-097911896-8

Price: $16.95

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Field, Thalia, Assoc. Prof. of Literary Arts
Bird Lovers, Backyard
Author: Thalia Field, Associate Professor of Literary Arts
Publisher: New Directions; Pub. Date: April 2010; Paperback
Subject: Poetry

"Bird Lovers, Backyard continues Thalia Field’s interrogation of the act of storytelling and her experimentation with literary genre. Field’s illuminating essays, or stories, in poetic form, place scientists, philosophers, animals, even the military, in real and imagined events. Her open questioning brings in subjects as diverse as pigeons, chat rooms, nuclear testing, the building of the Kennedy Space Center, the development of seaside beaches, Konrad Lorenz, the American author and animal trainer Vicki Hearne, and the Swiss zoologist Heini Hediger. Throughout, she intermingles fact and fiction, probing the porous boundaries between human and animal, calling into question “what we are willing to do with words,” and spinning a world where life is haunted by echoes. Story and event survive through daring language, and the elegies of history."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-081121840-5

Price: $17.95

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Fisher, Linford D., Asst. Professor of History
The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America
Author: Linford D. Fisher, Assistant Professor of History
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pub. Date: June 2012; Subject: Academic; Native American History;

"The First Great Awakening was a time of heightened religious activity in the colonial New England. Among those whom the English settlers tried to convert to Christianity were the region's native peoples. In this book, Linford Fisher tells the gripping story of American Indians' attempts to wrestle with the ongoing realities of colonialism between the 1670s and 1820...While Indian involvement in the Great Awakening has often been seen as total and complete conversion, Fisher's analysis of church records, court documents, and correspondence reveals a more complex reality...Charting this untold story of the Great Awakening and the resultant rise of an Indian Separatism and its effects on Indian cultures as a whole, this gracefully written book challenges long-held notions about religion and Native-Anglo-American interaction."--publisher description

Linford D. Fisher is Assistant Professor of History at Brown University. He received his doctorate from Harvard University in 2008. His essays have appeared in the "New England Quarterly," "Ethnohistory," and the "Harvard Theological Review."

ISBN-13: 978-019974004-8

Price: $34.95

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Frank, Caroline, Visiting Lecturer in American Studies
Objectifying China, Imagining America: Chinese Commodities in Early America
Author: Caroline Frank, Visiting Lecturer in Dept. of History & American Studies
Publisher: University of Chicago Press; Pub. Date: January 2012; Paperback
Subject: Academic; American History

"Frank not only recovers the widespread presence of Chinese commodities in early America and the impact of East Indies trade on the nature of American commerce, but also explores the role of the this trade in American state formation. She argues that to understand how Chinese commodities fueled the opening acts of the Revolution, we must consider the power dynamics of the American quest for china--and China--during the colonial period. Filled with fresh and surprising insights, this ambitious study adds new dimensions to the ongoing story of America’s relationship with China."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-022626028-0

Price: $25.00

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Gander, Forrest, Prof. of Literary Arts
Core Samples from the World
Author: Forrest Gander, Professor of Literary Arts; Photography by Raymond Meeks, Graciela Iturbide & Lucas Foglia
Publisher: New Directions; Pub. Date: June 2011; Paperback
Subject: Poetry; Essays

"Forrest Gander’s Core Samples from the World is a magnificent compendium of poetry, photography, and essay (a form of Japanese haibun). Collaborating with three acclaimed photographers, Gander explores tensions between the familiar and foreign. His eloquent new work voices an ethical concern for others, exploring empathic relations in which the world itself is fundamental. Taking us around the globe to China, Mexico, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Chile, Core Samples shows how Gander’s “sharp sense of place has made him the most earthly of our avant-garde, the best geographer of fleshly sites since Olson” (Donald Revell, The Colorado Review). 20 black-and-white photographs"—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-081121887-0

Price: $15.95

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Gander, Forrest, Professor of Literary Arts...
The Trace
Author: Forrest Gander, Adele Kellenberg Seaver '49 Professor of Creative Writing, Professor of Literary Arts, Professor of Comparative Literature
Publisher: New Directions; Pub. Date: November 2014; Subject: Fiction;

"The Trace is a masterful, poetic novel about a journey through Mexico taken by a couple recovering from a world shattered. Driving through the Chihuahua Desert, they retrace the route of nineteenth-century American writer Ambrose Bierce (who disappeared during the Mexican Revolution) and try to piece together their lives after a devastating incident involving their adolescent son. With tenderness and precision, Gander explores the intimacies of their relationship as they travel through Mexican towns, through picturesque canyons and desertcapes, on a journey through the the heart of the Mexican landscape. Taking a shortcut through the brutally hot desert home, their car overheats miles from nowhere, the novel spinning out of control, with devastating consequences...Poet Forrest Gander's first novel As a Friend was acclaimed as profound and relentlessly beautiful (Rikki Ducornet). With The Trace, Gander has accomplished another brilliant work, containing unforgettable poetic descriptions of Mexico and a story both violent and tender.”--publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-081122371-3

Price: $22.95

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Goodman, Katherine, Prof. Emeritus of German Studies
Dis/Closures: Women's Autobiography in Germany from 1790 and 1914
Author: Goodman, Katherine, Professor Emeritus of German Studies
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing; Pub. Date: December 1986; Paperback
Subject: German Literature

ISBN-13: 978-019503914-6

Price: $34.95

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Gorn, Elliott, Prof. of History
Dillinger's Wild Ride: The Year That Made America's Public Enemy Number One
Author: Elliott Gorn, Professor of History
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pub. Date: June 2011; Paperback
Subject: True Crime

"In an era that witnessed the rise of celebrity outlaws like Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger was the most famous and flamboyant of them all. Reports on the man and his misdeeds--spiced with accounts of his swashbuckling bravado and cool daring--provided an America worn down by the Great Depression with a story of sex and violence that proved irresistible.

In Dillinger's Wild Ride, Elliott J. Gorn provides a riveting account of the year between 1933 and 1934, when the Dillinger gang pulled over a dozen bank jobs, and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. A dozen men--police, FBI agents, gangsters, and civilians--lost their lives in the rampage, and American newspapers breathlessly followed every shooting and jail-break. As Dillinger's wild year unfolded, the tale grew larger and larger in newspapers and newsreels. Even today, Dillinger is the subject of pulp literature, poetry, fiction, and films, including a movie starring Johnny Depp."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-019976916-2

Price: $15.95

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Guterl, Matthew Pratt, Professor of Africana Studies
Josephine Baker and the Rainbow Tribe

Price: $28.95

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Gutmann, Matthew & Lutz, Catherine
Breaking Ranks: Iraq Veterans Speak Out Against the War
Author: Matthew Gutmann, VP for International Affairs & Catherine Lutz, Department Chair of Anthropology
Publisher: University of California Press; Pub. Date: August 2010; Paperback
Subject: Political Science

"Breaking Ranks brings a new and deeply personal perspective to the war in Iraq by looking into the lives of six veterans who turned against the war they helped to fight. Based on extensive interviews with each of the six, the book relates why they enlisted, their experiences in training and in early missions, their tours of combat, and what has happened to them since returning home. The compelling stories of this diverse cross section of the military recount how each journey to Iraq began with the sincere desire to do good. Matthew Gutmann and Catherine Anne Lutz show how each individual's experiences led to new moral and political understandings and ultimately to opposing the war."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-052026638-4

Price: $21.95

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Hardy, Edward, Visiting Lecturer in English
Keeper and Kid
Author: Edward Hardy, Visiting Lecturer in English
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; Pub. Date: August 2009; Paperback
Subject: Fiction

"Keeper and Kid is an unconventional but skillful and ultimately satisfying novel. It leaves the reader with a true, but too rarely expressed, picture of how complicated life can become and how we all have the capacity to handle more than we think." -- The Providence Journal, Feb. 3, 2008

ISBN-13: 978-0312573766-8

Price: $13.99

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Harper, Michael, Prof. of Literary Arts
Author: Michael Harper, Professor of Literary Arts
Publisher: University of Illinois Press; Pub. Date: March 2009; Paperback
Subject: Poetry

"In Use TROUBLE, his first major collection since Songlines in Michaeltree, Harper renews poetry as the art of taking nothing for granted. In three groups--"The Fret Cycle," "Use Trouble," and "I Do Believe in People"--he draws on his seemingly inexhaustible resources to paint, sing, sympathize, and sorrow. Here are his tributes to his father and family, his irrepressible playfulness, and his lifelong romance between poetry and music."—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-025207598-8

Price: $45.00

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