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Alumni Authors
0 - Brown Reader: 50 Writers Remember College Hill
Author: 50 Brown University Alumni
Editor: Judy Sternlight '82
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; Pub. Date: May 2014; Subject: Anthology;

In celebration of Brown University’s 250th anniversary, fifty remarkable, prizewinning writers and artists who went to Brown provide unique stories--many published for the first time--about their adventures on College Hill. Funny, poignant, subversive, and nostalgic, the essays, comics, and poems in this collection paint a vivid picture of college life, from the 1950s to the present, at one of America's most interesting universities.

Contributors include: Donald Antrim, Robert Arellano, M. Charles Bakst, Amy DuBois Barnett, Lisa Birnbach, Kate Bornstein, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, Mary Caponegro, Susan Cheever, Brian Christian, Pamela Constable, Nicole Cooley, Dana Cowin, Spencer Crew, Edwidge Danticat, Dilip D’Souza, David Ebershoff, Jeffrey Eugenides, Richard Foreman, Amity Gaige, Robin Green, Andrew Sean Greer, Christina Haag, Joan Hilty, A.J. Jacobs, Sean Kelly, David Klinghoffer, Jincy Willett Kornhauser, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, David Levithan, Mara Liasson, Lois Lowry, Ira C. Magaziner, Madeline Miller, Christine Montross, Rick Moody, Jonathan Mooney, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Dawn Raffel, Bill Reynolds, Marilynne Robinson, Sarah Ruhl, Ariel Sabar, Joanna Scott, Jeff Shesol, David Shields, Krista Tippett, Alfred Uhry, Afaa Michael Weaver, and Meg Wolitzer.

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ISBN-13: 978-147676519-8

Price: $16.00

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0 - Brown University: The Campus Guide
Exclusive publisher pricing for Brown University - $24.99

An Architectural Tour by Raymond P. Rhinehart '62
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press; Pub. Date: October 2013; Subject: Brown University Architecture

"Founded in 1764 as the College of Rhode Island in the town of Warren, Brown University was the seventh in a series of Colonial higher learning institutions that now comprise the Ivy League. The university moved to its current spot overlooking Providence on College Hill in 1770 and was renamed in 1804 in recognition of a $5,000 gift from prominent businessman and alum Nicholas Brown. Today the Brown campus, consisting of 235 buildings on 143 acres is a tapestry of American architectural styles from pre-Colonial to modern. In Brown University, the newest volume in our acclaimed Campus Guide series, Class of '62 alumnus Raymond P. Rhinehart takes readers on nine architectural walks to more than one hundred campus landmarks—from the red-bricked University Hall (1770) to the new state-of-the-art Warren Alpert Medical School (2001). With students, alumni, and visitors in mind, the guide showcases the role that Brown has played in the history of campus architecture and the developing urban fabric of Providence."

--The only detailed architectural history of the campus
--Includes the work of esteemed modern architects such as Philip Johnson alongside Colonial Revival and Beaux-Arts legends Stone, Carpenter and Willson; Perry, Shaw and Hepburn; and McKim, Mead and White
--Beautifully photographed with archival material and an illustrated three-dimensional watercolor map

Publisher Retail Price: $34.95; Brown Price: $24.99
ISBN: 978-161689073-5

Price: $24.99

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01 - First Class by Alison Stewart '88
**Signed Copies Now Available**First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America's First Black Public High School
Author: Alison Stewart '88; Melissa Harris-Perry
Publisher: Chicago Review Press; Pub. Date: August 2013; Subject: Non-Ficiton; Africana; Education;

Alison Stewart is an award-winning journalist whose twenty year career includes anchoring and reporting for NPR, NBC News, ABC News, and CBS News. Her acclaimed history of Dunbar High School, First Class, the first black public high school in America has led to interviews on the Today Show, as well as on Hardball with Chris Matthews, and an interview on PBS with John Seigenthaler.

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ISBN-13: 978-161374009-5
--Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $26.95

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01 - Waldman, Adelle '98
The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.
Author: Adelle Waldman '98
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.; Pub. Date: July 2013; Subject: Fiction;

"Adelle Waldman just may be this generation’s Jane Austen, as she skewers the mating mores of today’s aristocrats, the young literary elite of Brooklyn, N.Y., in her funny and at times painfully acute debut novel...The great achievement of this book [is] Waldman’s ability to so completely inhabit this immature man. Nate’s solipsistic and often sexist agonizing feel real. Even being of an age and a gender more prone to want to slap the self-involved Nate upside the head, I found myself sympathizing with his emotional torment." -- Boston Globe

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ISBN-13: 978-080509745-0

Price: $25.00

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02 Signed Editions - Bahr, Iris '98
Machu My Picchu: Searching for Sex, Sanity, and a Soul Mate in South America
Author: Iris Bahr '98
Publisher: skirt!; Pub. Date: September 2011; Paperback
Subject: Memoir

"In her celebrated memoir Dork Whore, Iris Bahr chronicled her stint in the Israeli military and her precollege backpacking trip through Asia, where she spent most of her time eating sketchy foods and trying to lose her virginity. In Machu My Picchu, she finds herself in even more foreign territory: Brown University, where she desperately attempts to fit in among frat boys, Jordanian royalty, vegan hippies, coke heads, and an Ecuadorian guy with a penchant for disturbingly tight jeans.

Feeling more alienated than ever, Iris decides to embark on another backpacking adventure, this time through Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Between love affairs with locals, clashes with travel companions, and near-death experiences, Iris discovers her ability to feel lost no matter where she goes. But through her struggle to find that elusive combination of healthy love, great sex, and peace of mind, she finally learns to embrace the joys of the search.

The zany humor of Amy Sedaris meets the neurotic self-awareness of Woody Allen in this invigorating mix of hair-raising adventure, poignant reflection, and bawdy humor—it’s one hell of a wild ride.”--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-076277277-3
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $14.95

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02 Signed Editions - Birnbach, Lisa '78
True Prep: It's a Whole New World
Author: Lisa Birnbach '78; Chip Kidd
Publisher: Knopf; Pub. Date: November 2011; Paperback
Subject: Pop Culture; Humor;

"The first thing you notice about True its design. Chip Kidd, a celebrated graphic designer, has made this book a visual pleasure, with precise illustrations, vivid photographs and a colour palette that would make Kate Spade swoon. Paging through this book, which considers the current state of the North American “preppy” style, the words “gift material” come to mind. This isn’t to undersell the writing. Ms Birnbach has a sly wit, an editor’s eye and an excellent vocabulary. Every sentence is quotable. Really...True Prep is frivolous, but comprehensively, amusingly, and intelligently so. All too few books fit that description. Like its predecessor, this is a fond and inventive satire for the ages.”—The Economist

ISBN-13: 978-037571201-2
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $12.95

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02 Signed Editions - Flattau, Edward '58 - Green Morality
Author: Edward Flattau '58
Publisher: The Way Things Are Publications; Pub. Date: September 2010; Hardcover
Subject: Science; Environment

"Green Morality, renowned environmental columnist's Edward Flattau's fourth book, is a thorough and timely exploration of mankind's moral obligation to create an environmentally sustainable global society. Along the way, he confronts moral hypocrisy, failed environmental movements and policies, globally disastrous scenarios, and reckless endangerment of the world's species. The exploration of destructive and immoral environmental behavior includes coverage of numerous often little publicized actions that have adversely affected humanity and lower life forms. To avoid ultimate wholesale, permanent environmental destruction, Flattau advocates a major realignment of our value system and economic infrastructure, all in the name of creating an environmentally, economically sustainable society. Crossing political and cultural boundaries, Flattau portrays environmentalism as a universal moral imperative that every person has a duty to uphold, not only for the salvation of the modern society, but for the entire planet. Flattau presents an analysis of environmentalism's current situation and its history throughout the twentieth century uncovering the devastation committed by individuals, corporations and governments to the world's species and fellow humans. In the process, he demonstrates how these destructive actions conflict with the very values that the offending parties espouse. Flattau delivers starkly eminent solutions to avert environmental destruction that require a re-alignment of modern society's value system and economic structure, transcending historical, political or institutional obligations.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-098214192-2
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $29.95

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02 Signed Editions - Greenfield, Briann, Ph.D '02
Out of the Attic: Inventing Antiques in Twentieth-Century New England
Author: Briann G. Greenfield, Ph.D '02
Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press; Pub. Date: July 2009; Paperback;
Subject: American History, Decorative Arts

"In Out of the Attic, Briann G. Greenfield traces the transformation of antiques from family keepsakes to valuable artistic objects, examining the role of collectors, dealers, and museum makers in the construction of a new tradition based on the aesthetic qualities of early American furnishings. While recognizing the significance of antiques as symbols of an enduring American culture, Greenfield also delves behind popular rhetoric to examine the development of a retail structure specifically designed to facilitate the buying and selling of old wares. With antique shops proliferating all over New England, pickers going door-to-door in search of finds, and forgers taking illicit advantage of growing demand, antique owners and collectors found themselves trying to navigate a retail market characterized by escalating prices and high stakes purchases. In this sense, antiques functioned as more than remnants of a treasured past; they became modern consumer goods."--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-155849710-8
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $26.95

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02 Signed Editions - Harrison, Lindsay '08 -
Missing: A Memoir
Author: Lindsay Harrison, '08
Publisher: Scribner; Pub. Date: August 2011; Hardcover
Subject: Non-Fiction; Memoir;

"A twenty-five-year-old recent graduate of Columbia University’s MFA program, Lindsay Harrison began writing Missing as a way to cope with a terrible loss. During her sophomore year at Brown University, Lindsay received a phone call from her brother that her mother was missing. Forty days later they discover the unthinkable: Their mother’s body had been found in the ocean.

Missing is at first a page-turning account of those first forty days, as it chronicles dealings with detectives, false sightings, wild hope, and deep despair. The balance of the story is a candid, emotional exploration of a daughter’s search for solace after tragedy as she tries to understand who her mother truly was, makes peace with her grief, and becomes closer to her father and brothers as her mother’s death forces her to learn more about her mother than she ever knew before.”--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-145161193-9
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $25.00

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02 Signed Editions - Miller, Madeline - The Song of Achilles
Winner of the 2012 Orange Prize for Fiction
Title: The Song of Achilles
Author: Madeline Miller, Brown Alumna
Publisher: Ecco; Pub. Date: March 2012; Subject: Fiction;

Indie Bound Review:
"It's a daunting effort to recast an ancient tale, but classics scholar Miller proves that she is worth of the task with this finely wrought debut grafted from the historical root of the Trojan War. By focusing on Achilles' near-fatherly love for Patroclus, we see an intimate side of the great Achilles, long overshadowed by Homer's portrayal of his exploits in war and his 'great rage' against the Trojans. Miller's homage to The Iliad is sharp and strengthened by her knowledge and exquisite prose.”--Reviewed by Bob

ISBN-13: 978-006206061-7

Price: $25.99

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02 Signed Editions - Potter, Russell PhD '91
PYG: The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig
Author: Russell Potter, PhD '91, Local Author
Publisher: Penguin; Pub. Date: July 31, 2012; Paperback Original
Subject: Fiction

"Blending the sophisticated satire of Jonathan Swift with the charming exuberance of a Pixar film, PYG tells the story of Toby, a truly exceptional pig who lived in late eighteenth-century England. After winning the blue ribbon at the Salford Livestock Fair and escaping the butcher's knife, Toby tours the country, wowing circus audiences with his abilities to count, spell, and even read the minds of ladies (but only with their permission, of course). He goes on to study at Oxford and Edinburgh—encountering such luminaries as Samuel Johnson, Robert Burns, and William Blake—before finally writing his own life story. Quirky, beguiling, and endlessly entertaining, this memoir of a 'remarkable sapient pig' is a sharp and witty delight.”--publisher description

Russell Potter is a professor of English at Rhode Island College. He has published essays and poetry and has also written extensively about the Arctic. PYG, a paperback original from Penguin, is his first novel.

ISBN-13: 978-014312118-3
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

Price: $15.00

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06 - Jul-2014 - Claire of the Sea Light - Alumni Author
Author: Edwidge Danticat '93
Publisher: Vintage; Pub. Date: July 2014; Subject: Fiction;

"Claire of the Sea Light reads like the work of a writer eager to create another world...A sense of the possibilities is tangible, where Danticat delves into parenting, revenge, reconciliation and remorse. Claire Limyè Lanmè is the daughter of a widower who is mulling whether or not to let someone else raise his daughter. In this small town, other mothers and fathers are working through reconciling their feelings about parenthood while readers experience a day in her life. Simultaneously, Danticat masterfully weaves in necessary parts of the past.” —Joshunda Sanders, Kirkus

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ISBN-13: 978-030747227-4

Price: $15.00

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09 - Apr-2014 - The Mortal Sea: - Alumni Author
Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail
Author: W. Jeffrey Bolster '84
Publisher: Belknap/Harvard University Press; Pub. Date: April 2014; Subject: Academic; Nautical History;

"Since the Viking ascendancy in the Middle Ages, the Atlantic has shaped the lives of people who depend upon it for survival. And just as surely, people have shaped the Atlantic. In his innovative account of this interdependency, W. Jeffrey Bolster, a historian and professional seafarer, takes us through a millennium-long environmental history of our impact on one of the largest ecosystems in the world...Blending marine biology, ecological insight, and a remarkable cast of characters, from notable explorers to scientists to an army of unknown fishermen, Bolster tells a story that is both ecological and human: the prelude to an environmental disaster. Over generations, harvesters created a quiet catastrophe as the sea could no longer renew itself. Bolster writes in the hope that the intimate relationship humans have long had with the ocean, and the species that live within it, can be restored for future generations.”--publisher description

--Local customers, choose ‘Pick up at Store’ during checkout and your book will be held at Trade Customer Service for you.
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ISBN-13: 978-067428396-1

Price: $19.95

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Akhtar, Ayad '93
American Dervish
Author: Ayad Akhtar '93
Publisher: Back Bay Books; Pub. Date: September 2012; Paperback; Subject: Fiction

Indie Bound Review:
"At it's simplest American Dervish is a coming-of-age story. At its most complex, it is a story of religious faith, marital strife, human nature, love, envy, sexual awakening, betrayal, and racism. It is impossible to leave Akhtar's exceptional debut novel without experiencing the struggles and pain of young Hayat as he comes to terms with both his Muslim faith and his humanity.”-- Lynn Riggs, Books & Company, Oconomowoc, WI

ISBN-13: 978-031618330-7

Price: $14.99

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Akhtar, Ayad '93
American Dervish
Author: Ayad Akhtar '93
Publisher: Little, Brown & Co.; Pub. Date: January 2012; Hardcover
Subject: Fiction

Indie Bound Review:
"At it's simplest American Dervish is a coming-of-age story. At its most complex, it is a story of religious faith, marital strife, human nature, love, envy, sexual awakening, betrayal, and racism. It is impossible to leave Akhtar's exceptional debut novel without experiencing the struggles and pain of young Hayat as he comes to terms with both his Muslim faith and his humanity.”-- Lynn Riggs, Books & Company, Oconomowoc, WI

ISBN-13: 978-031618331-4

Price: $24.99

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Ascher, Kate '80
The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper
Author: Kate Ascher '80
Publisher: Penguin; Pub. Date: November 2011; Hardcover
Subject: Architecture

"The skyscraper is perhaps the most recognizable icon of the modern urban landscape. Providing offices, homes, restaurants, and shopping to thousands of inhabitants, modern skyscrapers function as small cities--with infrastructure not unlike that hidden beneath our streets. Clean water is provided to floors thousands of feet in the sky; elevators move people swiftly and safely throughout the building; and telecom networks allow virtual meetings with people on other continents. How are these services-considered essential, but largely taken for granted--possible in such a complex structure? What does it really take to sustain human life at such enormous heights?

Along the way, The Heights introduces the reader to every type of person involved in designing, building, and maintaining a skyscraper: the designers who calculate how weight and weather will affect their structures, the workers who dig the foundations and raise the lightning rods, the crews who clean the windows and maintain the air ducts, and the firefighters-whose special equipment allows blazes to be fought at unprecedented heights.

More than a technical survey, Ascher's work is a triumphant ode to the most monumental aspect of modern civilization. Saturated with vivid illustrations and unforgettable anecdotes, The Heights is the ultimate guide to the way things work in the skyscraper.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-159420303-9

Price: $35.00

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Ascher, Kate '80
The Way to Go: Moving by Sea, Land, and Air
Price: $35.00

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Austin, James, MD '47
Meditating Selflessly: Practical Neural Zen
Author: James Austin, M.D. '47
Publisher: MIT Press; Pub. Date: October 2011; Hardcover
Subject: Non-Fiction; Eastern Philosophy

"This is not the usual kind of self-help book. Indeed, its major premise heeds a Zen master's advice to be less self-centered. Yes, it is 'one more book of words about Zen,' as the author concedes, yet this book explains meditative practices from the perspective of a 'neural Zen.' The latest findings in brain research inform its suggestions. In Meditating Selflessly, James Austin--Zen practitioner, neurologist, and author of three acclaimed books on Zen and neuroscience--guides readers toward that open awareness already awaiting them on the cushion and in the natural world...Drawing widely from the exciting new field of contemplative neuroscience, Austin helps resolve an ancient paradox: why both insight wisdom and selflessness arise simultaneously during enlightened states of consciousness.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-0262010587-5

Price: $24.95

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Barry, John M. '68
Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty
Author: John M. Barry '68
Publisher: Penguin; Pub. Date: December 2012; Subject: Academic; American History;

"...Barry does impart enough detail about Williams to show how puzzling a character he was, exasperatingly admirable. He attracted the powerful and the intelligent. The jurist Edward Coke had been his patron during his youth; the poet John Milton was a later friend. Even his critics found him an appealing personality. The governor of Plymouth called him 'the sweetest soul I ever knew'..."--Joyce E. Chaplin, Sunday New York Times Book Review

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ISBN-13: 978-014312288-6

Price: $18.00

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Bazell, Josh '92
Beat the Reaper
Author: Josh Bazell '92
Publisher: Back Bay Books; Pub. Date: September 2009; Paperback
Subject: Fiction; Thriller;

Indie Bound Review:
"Josh Bazell's story of a young Manhattan emergency room doctor with an unusual past goes down like a good Bloody Mary with a powerful kick. The briskly paced thriller offers an entertaining plot, quirky characters, and a shocking ending that will haunt the reader for a long while.”-- Amy Pierson, Toad Hall Bookstore, Rockport, MA

ISBN-13: 978-031603221-6

Price: $14.99

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Bazell, Josh '92
Wild Thing
Author: Josh Bazell '92
Publisher: Reagan Arthur Books; Pub. Date: February 2012; Hardcover
Subject: Fiction

"Carl Hiaasen fans will relish Bazell's frenetic sequel to 2009's Beat the Reaper...Bazell expertly blends action, farce, and political satire, and his wide-ranging imagination bodes well for the future of the series."--Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

ISBN-13: 978-031603219-3

Price: $25.99

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Bell, Madison Smartt
The Color of Night
Author: Madison Smartt Bell
Publisher: Vintage; Pub. Date: April 2011; Paperback
Subject: Fiction

"Mae, a blackjack dealer in a Las Vegas casino, spends her free time wandering the desert with a rifle, or sitting in her trailer obsessively watching replays of an old lover escaping the wreckage of 9/11. What she sees in those images is different from what the rest of us would see. She revels in the pure anarchy, thrills at the destruction. These images recall memories of a childhood marked by unthinkable abuse, of her drift into a cult that committed the most shocking crime of the '60s, of her life since then as a feral and wary outsider, caught in a swirl of events at once personal, political, mythic.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-030774188-2

Price: $15.00

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Bornstein, Kate '69
Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws
Author: Kate Bornstein '69
Publisher: Seven Stories Press; Pub. Date: May 2006; Paperback
Subject: Gender Studies

"Celebrated transsexual trailblazer Kate Bornstein has, with more humor and spunk than any other, ushered us into a world of limitless possibility through a daring re-envisionment of the gender system as we know it. Here, Bornstein bravely and wittily shares personal and unorthodox methods of survival in an often cruel world. A one-of-a-kind guide to staying alive outside the box, Hello, Cruel World is a much-needed unconventional approach to life for those who want to stay on the edge, but alive. Hello, Cruel World features a catalog of 101 alternatives to suicide that range from the playful (moisturize!), to the irreverent (shatter some family values), to the highly controversial. Designed to encourage readers to give themselves permission to unleash their hearts' harmless desires, the book has only one directive: "Don't be mean." It is this guiding principle that brings its reader on a self-validating journey, which forges wholly new paths toward a resounding decision to choose life. Tenderly intimate and unapologetically edgy, Kate Bornstein is the radical role model, the affectionate best friend, and the guiding mentor all in one.”--publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-158322720-6

Price: $16.95

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Boyd, Danah '00
It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens
Author: Danah Boyd '00
Publisher: Yale University Press; Pub. Date: February 2014; Subject: Academic; Sociology;

"Boyd’s extensive research illuminates the oft-misunderstood world of teens today, where social media is an extension of life…Thorough information interwoven with common-sense advice from teens and the author enable readers, particularly parents, to relax a bit regarding this new media age…Comprehensive new research that illuminates why and how social media is important to teens."--Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN-13: 978-030016631-6

Price: $25.00

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Brashich, Audrey
All Made Up: A Girl's Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype to Celebrate Real Beauty
Author: Audrey Brashich
Publisher: Walker Books; Pub. Date: April 2006; Paperback
Subject: Young Adult; Reference

"Gr. 6-9. Once a starstruck teen whose admiration for "models, stars, and 'It' girls" led her to a short-lived modeling career, Brashich now writes for magazines such as Sassy and Shape. Here, she myth-busts the glamour of female celebrity, combining chatty humor ("True, [stars] go to the Oscars, but that show is freakin' long and boring") with quotes from real girls and provocative facts (based on their Body Mass Indexes, recent Miss America winners would have been considered malnourished by the World Health Organization). Though Brashich persuasively makes her points, the book's design is workmanlike, and its intended audience is difficult to pinpoint; chipper line drawings and earnest suggestions seem to target tweens, while references to the infamous Paris Hilton video and to Bitch magazine seem best suited to YAs. But the substantive, often entertaining content, backed up by endnotes and further resources, will serve both groups well, and many readers will find their way to Brashich's Web site, where they will be able post responses to the book's "Back Talk" sidebars."-- Jennifer Mattson, Booklist
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

ISBN-13: 978-080277744-9

Price: $9.95

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Braun, Adam '06
The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change
Author: Adam Braun '06
Publisher: Scribner; Pub. Date: March 2014; Subject: Non-Fiction;

"Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career. But while traveling as a college student, he met a young boy begging on the streets of India. When Braun asked the boy what he wanted most in the world, he simply answered, "A pencil." This small request became the inspiration for Pencils of Promise, the organization Braun would leave a prestigious job at Bain & Company to start with just $25 at the age of twenty-four. Using his unique "for-purpose" approach, he helped redefine the space in which business, philanthropy, and social media intersect. And a mere five years later, Pencils of Promise has now built more than two hundred schools around the world, proving that anyone can create a movement that matters.

The Promise of a Pencil chronicles Braun's journey through more than fifty countries to find his calling, as each chapter explains the steps that every person can take to ignite their own passion and potential. His trailblazing story takes readers behind the scenes with business moguls and village chiefs, world-famous celebrities and hometown heroes. Driven by compelling stories and shareable insights, this is a vivid and inspiring book that will give readers the tools to unlock their own extraordinary journey of self-discovery. If you have ever wanted a more purpose-driven life, if you have ever felt like you could become more than your current circumstances allow, it's time to ask yourself, "What do I want most in the world?" And through the lessons shared in this book, turn those ideas into reality. --publisher description

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ISBN-13: 978-147673062-2

Price: $25.00

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Brennan, Marcia '97
Modernism's Masculine Subjects: Matisse, the New York School, and Post-Painterly Abstraction
Author: Marcia Brennan '97
Publisher: MIT Press; Pub. Date: September 2006; Paperback
Subject: Art History; Art Criticism

"In the era of The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit -- when social pressures on men to conform threatened cherished notions of masculine vitality, freedom, and authenticity -- modernist paintings came to be seen as metaphorical embodiments of both idealized and highly conflicted conceptions of masculine selfhood. In Modernism's Masculine Subjects, Marcia Brennan traces the formalist critical discourses in which work by such artists as Henri Matisse, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock could stand as symbolic representations that at once challenged and reproduced such prevailing cultural conceptions of masculinity. Rejecting the typical view of formalism's exclusive engagement with essentialized and purified notions of abstraction and its disengagement from issues of gender and embodiment, Brennan explores the ways in which these categories were intertwined, historically and theoretically. Brennan makes new use of writings by Clement Greenberg and other powerful critics describing the works of Matisse, the postwar New York School abstract expressionists, and their successors, the post-painterly abstractionists. The paintings of Matisse, she argues, were represented in part as intellectually engaged and culturally respectable centerfolds. Brennan examines de Kooning's Woman series -- perhaps the most significant effort to incorporate feminine presence within abstract expressionist imagery -- as extended cultural metaphors for bourgeois masculinity's conflicted relationship with its feminine "others." She also shows how the aggressive energy of Pollock's nonfigural painterly idiom became domesticated in the press by the repeated pairing of his work with images of Pollock in the studio and at home with his wife, the artist Lee Krasner. Finally, discussing the rise of the post-painterly abstractionists in the sixties, Brennan shows how, both despite and because of the critical presence of Helen Frankenthaler, formalist responses to the works of Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland provided an opportunity to promote idealized conceptions of masculine creativity.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-026252468-1 Author: Marcia Brennan
Publisher: MIT Press, Oct. 2006
Subject: Non-fiction, Paperback; Art Criticism

ISBN-13: 978-0262524681

Price: $14.95

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Colbert, Stephana '77, ed.
Color Him Father: Stories of Love and Rediscovery of Black Men
Author: Stephana Colbert '77, ed., Valerie Harrison, ed.
Publisher: Kinship Press; Pub. Date: May 2006; Paperback
Subject: Africana

"This powerful & poignant book speaks to the depths of my own soul." -- Dr. Cornel West, Princeton University professor and author

"Color Him Father: Stories of Love and Rediscovery of Black Men, is an illuminating collection of true and candid short stories about Black fathers. This collection shatters the predominant negative image of Black men in the news media by offering a balanced perspective – stories about the countless Black fathers who are responsible, committed, and productive role models. What emerges is a stirring message of hope that comes from living, breathing examples.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-97784186-8

Price: $14.95

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Collins, Abel '00
D'hirondelle: Swallowfleet
Author: Abel Collins '00
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing; Pub. Date: March 2006; Paperback
Subject: Fiction; Poetry

"D'hirondelle is a poetic exposition in the vein of Walt Whitman. Abel evokes the natural awareness of Thoreau, the spiritual strength of Emerson, and the passion of Tom Paine in a poetry that yearns for beauty and truth with the simplicity of Gibran. The verse flows with currents of deep thought and emotion, and one is left with the feeling that they have just participated in a great conversation with an old friend.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-141961633-4

Price: $15.00

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Coppola, Chris '90
Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq
Author: Chris Coppola '90
Publisher: NTI Upstream; Pub. Date: February 2010; Hardcover
Subject: Medicine

Eric Hoffer Award Finalist and Montaigne Medal Finalist

"The fierce, true-life account of United States Air Force pediatric surgeon Lt. Col. Dr. Chris Coppola, this book describes his experiences through two deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom inside a military trauma hospital at Balad Air Base, just 49 miles north of Baghdad. Novelistic in scope and vision, this memoir extends beyond objective reportage to give genuine voice to U.S. surgeons and soldiers, Iraqi translators, and everyday civilians whose core beliefs have been tested in the turmoil of war. Raw and powerfully moving, it reveals how one man’s extraordinary courage and commitment to children survived and flourished even as he witnessed some of the most unspeakable horrors of war.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-098405311-7

Price: $24.95

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