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Birnbach, Lisa '78

True Prep: It's a Whole New World
Author: Lisa Birnbach '78; Chip Kidd
Publisher: Knopf; Pub. Date: November 2011; Paperback
Subject: Pop Culture; Humor;

"The first thing you notice about True its design. Chip Kidd, a celebrated graphic designer, has made this book a visual pleasure, with precise illustrations, vivid photographs and a colour palette that would make Kate Spade swoon. Paging through this book, which considers the current state of the North American “preppy” style, the words “gift material” come to mind. This isn’t to undersell the writing. Ms Birnbach has a sly wit, an editor’s eye and an excellent vocabulary. Every sentence is quotable. Really...True Prep is frivolous, but comprehensively, amusingly, and intelligently so. All too few books fit that description. Like its predecessor, this is a fond and inventive satire for the ages.”—The Economist

ISBN-13: 978-037571201-2
Note: Signed copies available while supplies last.

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