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Fisher, Linford D., Asst. Professor of History

The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America
Author: Linford D. Fisher, Assistant Professor of History
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pub. Date: June 2012; Subject: Academic; Native American History;

"The First Great Awakening was a time of heightened religious activity in the colonial New England. Among those whom the English settlers tried to convert to Christianity were the region's native peoples. In this book, Linford Fisher tells the gripping story of American Indians' attempts to wrestle with the ongoing realities of colonialism between the 1670s and 1820...While Indian involvement in the Great Awakening has often been seen as total and complete conversion, Fisher's analysis of church records, court documents, and correspondence reveals a more complex reality...Charting this untold story of the Great Awakening and the resultant rise of an Indian Separatism and its effects on Indian cultures as a whole, this gracefully written book challenges long-held notions about religion and Native-Anglo-American interaction."--publisher description

Linford D. Fisher is Assistant Professor of History at Brown University. He received his doctorate from Harvard University in 2008. His essays have appeared in the "New England Quarterly," "Ethnohistory," and the "Harvard Theological Review."

ISBN-13: 978-019974004-8

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