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Cheever, Susan '65

Drinking in America: Our Secret History
Author: Susan Cheever '65
Publisher: Twelve; Pub. Date: October 2015; Subject: Non-fiction; American History;

"American history, it seems, is soaked in alcohol, or not, depending on the times. Ms. Cheever takes us through the history of America using the lens of drinking and how it helped shape our history. Starting with the Pilgrims (for drinking) and the Puritans (strictly against), she weaves our relationship with drinking, and yes, sometimes we were weaving more (early history), other times not so much (Prohibition). Savor with the drink of your choice, whether tippling (beer/wine/mixed) or more sobering (coffee/tea)."--Reviewed by Percy

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ISBN-13: 978-145551387-1

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