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Cover Image For Field, Thalia, Assoc. Prof. of Literary Arts

Field, Thalia, Assoc. Prof. of Literary Arts

A Prank of Georges
Author: Thalia Field, Associate Professor of Literary Arts & Abigail Lang
Publisher: Essay Press; Pub. Date: April 2010; Paperback
Subject: Poetry

"A convoy, a motley, a mob of machines. Machines? By George! Gertrude Stein cranks the motor, and we're off to the carnival, the roller-coaster ride across genres, languages, typefaces and names. American names especially, where Wilson may come from Witkiewicz and castle from Katzenellengogen. It's dazzling. It's a riot. It self-deconstrcuts, but it won't disappoint you."--Rosemarie Waldrop--Backmatter

ISBN-13: 978-097911896-8

Item: 097911896

Price: $16.95

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