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Coppola, Chris '90

Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq
Author: Chris Coppola '90
Publisher: NTI Upstream; Pub. Date: February 2010; Hardcover
Subject: Medicine

Eric Hoffer Award Finalist and Montaigne Medal Finalist

"The fierce, true-life account of United States Air Force pediatric surgeon Lt. Col. Dr. Chris Coppola, this book describes his experiences through two deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom inside a military trauma hospital at Balad Air Base, just 49 miles north of Baghdad. Novelistic in scope and vision, this memoir extends beyond objective reportage to give genuine voice to U.S. surgeons and soldiers, Iraqi translators, and everyday civilians whose core beliefs have been tested in the turmoil of war. Raw and powerfully moving, it reveals how one man’s extraordinary courage and commitment to children survived and flourished even as he witnessed some of the most unspeakable horrors of war.”—publisher description

ISBN-13: 978-098405311-7

Item: 098405311

Price: $24.95

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