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Buyback All Year Round - Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm

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*one listing only; others available in Textbook department.

Textbook Reservations

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Students, now you can compare prices online and shop for your textbooks with one click!

You can rent your textbooks online, as well as in the bookstore.

Please Note: Not all textbooks are available for rental.

Find out the best prices for your textbooks, then immediately order them from the most inexpensive vendor whether it is from the Brown Bookstore or someone else.

Textbook Rentals - Many titles available to rent!

Return Textbook Rentals by end of semester

  • Full price of book will be charged if not returned by end of semester.

Textbook Rentals: Look for the rental option when reserving online or on the shelves in the bookstore.

View the Textbook Rental Agreement

Course Textbooks

The Brown University Bookstore Textbook Department supplies Brown University students with the course books and materials for over 700 University classes each semester. More than 3,200 titles are stocked.

The Bookstore offers an on-line purchase option. Books will be boxed and held for the student at the bookstore. Rentals now available on select titles.

  • Brown/RISD Students: Online ordering is available up to the first day of classes.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for online orders to be processed.
  • Online orders not picked up within 5 days of order date will be reshelved.
  • Credit Card/Student Charge is charged when online orders are pulled and processed for pick-up.

Textbook Buyback

Students choosing to purchase used books and to resell them at buyback can save on their book costs. The Bookstore tries to obtain as many used books as possible in order to reduce the cost of books to students. Used books are sold at a discounted price.

Students may receive up to half the price of a textbook (whether purchased new or used) at the semester-end buyback if the book is being used for the upcoming semester. If the Bookstore does not have that need, it will quote a wholesale price from the country’s largest used book wholesaler if it is in their database.

Please Note: Students purchasing their course books and course supplies at the Brown University Bookstore with their Brown ID are exempt from RI sales tax.

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