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Faculty Information

Contact the Textbook Department:

Phone: 401-863-2270
Fax: 401-863-7094
Email: [email protected]


How To Order

We offer several options for ordering all of your desired course material.  Please review these options to determine which is the best and most convenient for you.

Course Material Form Downloads


Please note: Faculty book orders are due for Fall 2023 by May 1st.

These order forms are for Brown faculty, instructors & authorized affiliates only.



  • Download the Course Material Order Form
  • Email filled-out form to [email protected] or
  • You may also fax form to us at 863-7094 or send via campus mail.
  •  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Textbooks at 863-2270 or [email protected].


Course Material Order Form


Request Deadlines

Faculty Course Material and Textbook Orders are due:


  • March 15th for Summer Session
  • July 24th for Fall Semester (I)
  • October 15 for Spring Semester (II)

Early faculty course order information enables the Bookstore to provide the best possible price to students at buyback and to effectively manage its inventory. It also provides sufficient lead time for the staff to acquire new and used textbooks and course pack permissions.


In recognition of the special effort faculty take to meet the Bookstore’s early ordering due dates, faculty who submit course orders by the due date receive a Bookstore Courtesy Card for 20% off general trade books and most Campus Shop merchandise.

Foreign Books

Foreign books present particular problems with order lead times, pricing and return policies. Some foreign books are not regularly stocked, and need a good deal of lead time to get them here on time. Often the selling price can be very high due to foreign exchange rates.

Desk Copy Requests

Desk copy requests must be sent directly to the publisher. Please contact the publisher directly: either online, by email, or by phone.

Privacy and Disclaimer

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