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Some watches tell time. These tell the time of your life.



Swiss Made. Automatic Movements.

At the heart of a Swiss Made watch is a Swiss Made mechanical movement. Unlike quartz watches that operate with a battery, mechanical watches are engineered using dozens of intricate parts and gears that work together, with precision, to keep time. SELLITA is among the most respected and recognized producers of mechanical movements and is used by many famous Swiss brands such as Tag Heuer, IWC, Breitling, etc.



About Us

AXIA Time was born out of our founder's love of watches and his alma mater. Fascinated by the engineering intricacy of mechanical watches and the artistry of the myriad design elements, he always wanted a stylish mechanical watch branded to his alma mater. The designs we develop give priority to each university's branding elements, colors and logos - creating a subtle and regular reminder of your cherished memories and the alma mater you love.


Our Philosophy

AXIA (pronounced ahx-EE-ah) means value/worth in Greek and is at the heart of our values. Our mission is to exceed expectations in everything we do. From our designs and quality of the components we use, to the purchase experience of our customers, our intention is to treat you exactly the way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes. Maybe better. 





An exquisite timepiece should tell more than just time.

There are certain moments that will always and forever represent pinnacles of our achievement. Times when we forged lasting friendships. Times we exceeded our own expectations. Times we'll never grow tired of revisiting.





The University Timepiece

We wanted a quality mechanical watch with just our alma mater's branding on the dial. A watch we'd actually wear, that would also commemorate the best years of our lives. A watch with subtle elegance. A premium timepiece without the premium price. We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we made it ourselves.


Precision engineering. Attractive price. 

What we created are Swiss Made mechanical watches, hand-crafted with quality and legacy in mind: with the same components as, and by the same engineers who build other luxury Swiss brands. And most importantly, with the exact same movements. At a fraction of what the big brands charge.



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The Collections

The Sophia

From the Greek word SOFIA meaning wisdom. This collection was inspired by the simplicity and elegance of vintage designs.

The Pathos

From the modern Greek word SAFOS meaning passion. This collection is a homage to school spirit.


The Kairos

From the ancient Greek word KAIPOS, meaning the perfect moment or timing. A contemporary take on a classic design.


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